History Edit

Special Agent Victoria Vasquez (FBI) is the daughter of deceased Detective Vasquez who worked on The Anarchist case before she did. She was formerly part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, but dropped out. She helps Marcus to uncover that Belacourt is a double-agent and takes a high-powered round in the stomach.

She recently quit smoking and chews Juicy Fruit instead.

She eats fast food in her office often.

She brought her own office chair in from home (because it has better back support).

She went to Duke University.

Her mother left her family when she was young.

She's single (but presumed to enter a relationship with her partner Troy LaPalglia at the end of The Prophet).

She's a workaholic.

She uses a custom Sig Sauer 1911 chambered for .45 ACP. It's a large gun, not normally used by women.

Appearance Edit

She has bronze skin and dark hair (Brazilian-American parents).