History Edit

The Director is first introduced in The Shepherd as the Sheriff of Asherton (no actual name mentioned). He is the leader of the Shepherd Organization and the one behind getting Marcus Williams into the program.

He states that, although Maggie pretended to be his daughter, that it was a lie. His wife, Kathleen (deceased), was presumed to be real. (Through learning of the Sheriff) She was murdered by the very man he wanted to put away, and he found her dead in their home. He went after the killer, the son of a rich family, double-tapped him in the head and awaited the police. He was let out less than 48 hours later and made the leader of the Shepherd Organization.

He once worked in the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit as a profiler.

*Note: little is yet known about the Director. Any aspects of his story could be interwoven with a cover story.

Appearance Edit

He is an older man with silver hair and a goatee.