History Edit

Maureen Hill was an older woman who was murdered in her home by Ackerman after a twisted game of hide and seek. After stabbing her in the hand, Ackerman told her that if she were able to hide for 10 minutes before he found her, he would let her go. She decided to hide in the attic of her home. Ackerman found her quickly, pulling open the trap door in the ceiling that led up to the attic. Maureen pushed a trunk of her late husband's (Jack Hill) belongings and clothing down the ladder. The trunk hit Ackerman, knocking him down to the ground. She moved to leave the bedroom, but Ackerman caught her.

She is later found nailed to her bedroom door, mutilated. Marcus Williams realizes that the scene is staged as the body appears to belong in a morgue and specific blood patterns consistent with her wounds (blood trails from the nails, splatter, and a puddle if her body truly hung there) were missing from the scene.

It is later revealed that she was killed in her home in Colorado and moved to the home near Marcus's so that he would have a cause to investigate the town of Asherton himself.