History Edit

Maggie is a bartender at the Asherton Tap and works at Andrew Garrison's realtor office. Marcus Williams offers to walk her home from the bar where they are jumped by Glenn, a man who apparently has a strong crush on Maggie. After Marcus takes them all down, Maggie calls her father, the Sheriff. He comes and arrests Glenn and his gang, and Maggie and Marcus continue their walk to her apartment over the Magnolia Bakery. She leans in to kiss him, but Marcus puts his lips to her ear and says that he doesn't kiss on the first date.

Maggie has obsessive compulsive disorder, as seen when she washes her hands multiple times (and is also noted by Marcus when he notices that everything in her apartment is lined up perfectly and made to balance out the space).

Maggie is later in her kitchen, making the "perfect sandwich" and reaches for the bread knife. It's gone from the block. She finds Alexi dead on the floor, killed by her carving knife. Ackerman appears and takes her hostage.

Ackerman pushes Maggie from the roof (she is tied at the ankles by a rope or bungie cord) and Marcus hauls her back up.

We later find that Maggie is part of Allen Brubaker's cell in the Shepherd Organization. She is then moved to Marcus's cell. She also has a real crush on Marcus, and is not the Sheriff's daughter. Her real name is Magdalania. She apparently used to have a younger brother who was murdered by a serial killer called "The Taker."

She and Marcus are a couple.

She spent six months searching for Marucs and took over his office to make room for her notes.

Appearance Edit

Maggie is said to be darkly tanned with blonde hair, made lighter by the tan.