History Edit

Jim Morgan was a police officer, partnered up with Tom Delaine (deceased). They are called to a gas station that reported a robbery. The assailant had fled, but they still had to file a report. They run into a man at the back of the store, who turns out to be Ackerman. At the end of an aisle was the naked body of a man with lacerations all over his body (primarily around his heart, lungs, and sexual organs). The eyes had been gouged out.

Ackerman pulls out a gun and shoots Tom in the left side. Jim hides in an aisle and radios for backup. He begins running around the back of the store and hears liquid splashing and his partner screaming for help. He finds Ackerman splashing lighter fluid on Tom. Ackerman lights Tom on fire and Jim watches his friend burn to death before being captured by Ackerman. Ackerman makes him hand over his wallet and comments on his family.

He wakes up in his home and finds his wife Emily and daughter Ashley tied up and gagged in chairs before him. Ackerman tells him that they're going to play a game, making him choose between killing his wife or his daughter.

He shoots his wife in the head, remembering an old case, and manages to replicate the angle so that the bullet ricochets off her skull to avoid her brain. He then is given a ten second head start and runs out of the back of the house - willing to face a violent and slow death to save his daughter (as Ackerman promised to call 911 afterwards).