History Edit

Jennifer Kelly is a doctor at Cedar Mill Psychiatric Hospital under Dr. Stuart Kendrick. When she was young, she answered the door to find Francis Ackerman Jr. standing on her doorstep in the rain. Her family took him in for the night, and subsequently her mother, father, younger brother, and younger sister were all murdered. All except for her (because Ackerman was attracted to her, as he later thinks about).

At the hospital, Jennifer takes a gun to Ackerman's cell, intent on killing him to get revenge for her family. She shoots and misses. Ackerman then takes the gun from her and marches her to the security room where he shoots off her pinky. He chains her to a radiator in the guard booth with the body of Bert, the guard Ackerman had just shot, and then leaves her with bandages for her bleeding hand.

Jennifer uses her feet the take the keys from Bert's belt, but drops them. She is forced to use her teeth to pick up the bloodstained ring to unlock her hands. She frees herself and heads to the basement, meeting up with David McNamara to find Ackerman. David is captured and Ackerman offers her the chance for revenge: electrocute both men by standing on a table and flipping a switch, or letting Ackerman go so that David can live. Jennifer does not hesitate, even though David is the man she loves. She closes her eyes and flips the switch, then sees nothing has happened.

Ackerman fooled her. He leaves as she curses and screams at him. When he is gone, she presses against her wounded finger until she passes out from the pain. It is implied that she goes to jail (possibly) for her actions leading to Ackerman's escape and her subsequent murder attempt on both his and David's life.

Appearance Edit

Jennifer has auburn hair. From her past with Ackerman, she has a thin scar running from temple to jaw.