History Edit

Emily Morgan was the wife of Jim Morgan (deceased). She was a clinical psychologist that worked with police officers. She was tied to a chair, along with her daughter, and placed before her husband. Ackerman made Jim choose which of them to kill. He shot Emily in the head, but she survived as did her young daughter, Ashley.

Later, Ackerman goes to her room at Memorial Hospital. Emily leaves her bed, pulling the IV from her arm, trying to escape, and makes it quite a way down the hall before Ackerman catches up. She struck him (not very hard, as she's still weak) and hides in a cabinet. Ackerman pushed the cabinet at an officer. He then collected Emily, cuffed her, and took her to the stairwell.

Emily had researched Ackerman after the accident, and she speaks to him in the stairwell. She tells him she forgives him and that she couldn't imagine what it was like living as a child in a constant nightmare. She tells him she understands, and they discuss higher powers.

Ackerman takes her up to the roof after he lights the hallway on fire and uses her as a human shield, keeping a gun to her right temple. Emily picks up a gun as Marcus and Ackerman fight each other, but does not shoot. Marcus tumbles off the edge and Emily goes down with him. He manages to get her back up, and she picks up the gun again, pointing it at Ackerman as Marcus tried to climb back up. She backed away and Ackerman ran at her. She fell through the roof, catching herself on the edge. Marcus ran to save her and they both fell through.

Emily hurt her leg landing in the room. As Marcus tries to get her out, Ackerman breaks through the debris blocking the door with an axe. Ackerman lifts Emily into his arms and carries her out of the fire to the stairwell. They go up to the roof to wait for help.

Emily is offered a job as a counselor to field agents within the Shepherd Organization. She and her daughter move to a small town in northern Virginia after the events of The Shepherd.

Appearance Edit

Her grandmother was of Irish-American descent and her grandfather was Japanese. She also had black hair and porcelain skin.