History Edit

Cedar Mills is one of the last institutions left open in the country in The Cage. It has been renovated with new security designed by David McNamara, including the Iron Circle. However, as noted by the DOC director, Cedar Mills has no outer security of razor wire or guard towers. Woods surround the hospital.

The basement is under renovation and flooded in The Cage, but was previously used for lobotomies and other grisly acts, before being locked up or used for storage.

The Iron Circle Edit

The Iron Circle is the high-security wing of the prison, based on super-max prison designs. Prisoners are held in solitary confinement and monitored on video feeds 24-hours a day. They are only allowed out of their cells for exercise in a connected area behind their cells for an hour a day, alone. They are also allowed out for therapy sessions with the doctors where they are seated behind a Plexiglas wall. There are three security doors that lead to the area down a small hallway with armed guards.

There seems to be many wings and numerous hallways befitting an old mental institution.