Allen Brubaker's Home Edit

The Brubaker family lived in a farmhouse near the road Marcus met a State Trooper on. Their home was a beautiful, two-story old Victorian home with a wrap around porch and tower.

Asherton Tap Edit

The local bar where Maggie works, owned by Big Phil. It's lit on fire by Ackerman as a distraction for Marcus and Andrew.

Maggie's Apartment Edit

Above the Magnolia Bakery, Maggie's apartment is accessed by a set of stairs in the bakery. Her apartment seems small and all the pictures and furniture are perfectly aligned and balanced for the room.

The Magnolia Bakery Edit

Owned by Alexi and frequented by the people of Asherton.

Maureen Hill's Farmhouse Edit

A large home with multiple outbuildings, later found to be a home that was on a flyer from Garrison's office and not actually belonging to Maureen.

Marcus William's Farmhouse Edit

Marcus thought the home was left to him by his aunt, later found to be staged by the Shepherd Organization. Said to be a nice house.

The Sheriff's Office Edit