History Edit

Anthony Conlan (The Prohpet and Mr. O'Malley) was born to a rich family. As a child, a doctor tries to diagnose him with mild schizophrenia. Conlan's family doesn't accept it. Conlan becomes a lieutenant in the army and volunteers for Project Kaleidoscope. The psychoactive drugs mixed with his schizophrenia convinces Conlan that he could talk to the devil.

His first cult was at his father's plantation in Georgia. The second starts up at Otis Beaman's farm in an underground compound. Entire families go to the compound. It is presumed that Conlan slept with many of the young female members of his cult. Harrison Schofield is born and Conlan convinces the child that he is the son of the devil.

He stops Harrison's mother from killing him multiple times.

Conlan forces Harrison to kill women and lives next door to him to keep an eye on him.

He often takes LSD so that he can see the devil.