History Edit

Alice Richards married her husband Dwight (deceased) right out of high school. The had two kids, Casey and Lucas. Late one night, after she finishes washing dishes, she goes to check on her children when Lucas tells her that there is a bad man in the closet.

She checks the closet, under both beds, and says there's nothing. Then the door swings shut and Ackerman appears. Alice makes a break for the door and Ackerman throws her into the wall. She hits her face on the glass of a picture frame and it breaks, cutting her face. The then falls onto a shelf with knickknacks and they cut her chest. She gets up and runs to the living room, finding her husband's throat slit ear-to-ear. She goes into the kitchen and grabs a large knife from the block. She charges at him and he backhands her across the face. She drops the knife, but then backtracks to her bedroom and reaches for the handgun Dwight kept under the mattress. She aimed it at Ackerman and pulled the trigger. He blocked the hammer from striking and then struck her with the gun, knocking her out.

She awakens tied up at the table with her children and Ackerman. He places the gun on the table and tells her that they'll play Russian Roulette (she would pull the trigger for her children). She broke the rules the first time and fired all the bullets at her head, finding that Ackerman had only pretended to load the gun. He backhanded her and then picked up the knife. He stabs the knife into the table and decides to give her a second chance. He shoots at himself first and doesn't die. Then it was her turn. Ackerman presses her to choose which child she'll shoot after her turn, and then she picks up the gun again and pointed it at her son. She aims it at herself again and pulls the trigger. The gun was empty yet again. She keeps pulling the trigger, breaking the rules again.

Ackerman tells her that she reminds him of his mother and decides to let the family live (based on the unconditional love of a mother).